T-Mobile Mag-Mile

T-Mobile has been on a warpath to revolutionize the mobile industry for years, with great success. Now they've turned their sights to reimagining the retail experience. Working with Razorfish, T-Mobile planned an immersive retail video environment focused on expressing the brand personality, rather than pushing product. Utilizing massive custom LED screens, covering the entryway wall and ceiling, we designed ambient video content that would charm passers-by and draw them in to experience mobile retail in a new way. 



  • Creative Director – Marie Murphy
  • Motion Director – Scott Sonnenburg
  • Copy Writer – Nicolae White
  • Art Director – Nick Wichman (that’s me!)
  • Motion Designer – Matt Pinski
  • Motion Designer – Doug Filiak
  • Motion Designer – Chris Meyer
  • Motion Designer – Yahira Hernandez
  • Motion Designer – Traver Phillips
  • Project Manager – Anna Powers
  • Client Partner – Gianna Hill